Nielsen Netflix Viewership Data

From “It’s time for Netflix to release its viewership data,” Jamieson Cox. June 30, 2016. Industry-related coverage from Nielsen media partners conference in Las Vegas. See WSJ coverage here.

Key point in WSJ article:

Nielsen’s effort to measure streaming TV has been controversial. Netflix has argued that ratings for shows on its service have little meaning, since it doesn’t sell advertising. And the streaming juggernaut has said comparisons to traditional TV are difficult, since online viewing is all on-demand and stretches over longer time frames. Netflix’s service is global, and Nielsen’s figures only reflect U.S. viewing.

As of 2016, 52% of US houses stream video. 16% watch Netflix and TV. Implies the existence of a Nielsen report that covers OITNB streaming and audience participation. Calls OITNB number two after Game of Thrones.