Altered Carbon’s Audience is Decidedly Asian



Sample in progress, one month mark for Altered Carbon. Strong results that are comparable to 80% of Narcos Season 3’s first month, but especially so in Asia. Here are the top thirteen swarm clusters by geography:

  1. India
  2. Netherlands
  3. China, Shanghai
  4. India, Mumbai
  5. Greece, Athens
  6. India, Bangalore
  7. China, Beijing
  8. United States of America, Ashburn, VA
  9. China, Guangzhou
  10. Philippines
  11. China, Nanjing
  12. UK
  13. India, Delhi

The urban areas list is even more telling. Given the controversy around casting an asian character in a white skin, and the obvious nod to older Sci-Fi  aesthetics such as Blade Runner that have been previously critiqued for orientalism, it is intriguing to see this geographic distribution.