Sense8 Season 3 Week 2 Cluster Report

Sense8 season 3, aka Sense 8 Season 2 Episode 12, starts to build steam in week 2 with massive increase on peer sharing, strong support in Americas and Asia in particular. With 3.2 million unique peers in the first two weeks, Sense8 03 is running at about 125% of the average audience of Westworld season two episodes (aka 20x).

Top 100 geo-clusters below, but top 10 is revealing:

  • USA
  • China, Beijing
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Germany
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • UK
  • China, Gungzhou
  • USA, Fort Hurachuca
  • France
  • Netherlands

The one-week delay for Russian trackers to post Sense8 is notable, as is the larger-than-normal number of Chinese and Japanese subbed files, and the apparent military support.

Highly unusual day-to-day pattern, where net peers per day is increasing over a two-week span! Given this, Sense8 seems likely to surf through pride month like a boss.