Westworld Season 2 Episode Compare

For Season 2 of Westworld, episodes are in a very regular distribution and rate. A bit of drop-off but nothing dramatic a la Star Trek Discovery.


Lingering Questions:

  • Dominant geography is Russia, with both Moscow and St. Petersburg showing up as alpha for peer swarms and for normalized urban areas.
  • Sci-Fi subgenres,Western cross-over, intelligent Sci-Fi, post-Tarkovsky
  • Given that HBO paces Westworld content on a weekly duration, the accumulated peer swarm for a the entire second season (ie all 10 episodes)  is a multiple of comparable Netflix releases that are released on a single date.
  • Thus, from April 22 to June 24, HBO has a significant number of people tuned in to Westworld. That’s two months, with regular peaks every week. This is a much more steady distribution – on the full season level — then the equivalent Sci-Fi shows on Netflix (ie Altered Carbon.)