Black is King Certified Pirate Platinum

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s Black is King is sampling very well, with more than 1.2M cumulative unique peers in August, and is generating an especially interesting geographic distribution:

  1. Brazil (16.5%)
  2. USA (13%)
  3. South Africa (9.3%)
  4. India (2.7%)
  5. Philippines (2.4%)
  6. Ghana (1.9%)
  7. Canada (1.8%)
  8. Kenya (1.7%)
  9. UK (1.65%)
  10. Russian Federation (1.27%)

With over a million peers in the first month, what will happen over the next two, three months? Will Brazil continue to be the nexus, or will it shift north to USA/EU? How does this flow compare to other art film media objects, to Black Panther? This fall, the alpha60 experimental team is looking to compare global flows for Beyoncé’s Black is King to Taylor Swift’s Folklore releases. At the moment, Beyoncé has the more international distribution by far.

See Jay-Z’s previous interest in pirate numbers here: Jay-Z x Tidal x Fake Numbers x Spotify.

Some maps and top-100 geographies of the flow below.