Star Trek Discovery 106 Streaming Glitches, Season Two Confirmed

Star Trek Discovery renewed after S01E06 released.

That release had technical issues, as documented by Variety:

“A small number of CBS All Access users experienced problems with buffering last night due to technical issues with one of our delivery partners,” a CBS rep said in an emailed statement. “We worked closely with them to resolve the issue.”

Finger pointed at: Akamai Technologies, vendor for CBS All Access CDN. Here’s hoping they get a grip on the “buffering” issues: All Access is targeting 4M subscriptions for the combined “Showtime and CBS All Access SVOD” by the end of 2017.

Note that as of today, Star Trek Discovery 101, 102, and 104 have accumulated downloads of (4.23M + 1.3M == 5.53M) on the Distributed CDN (DCDN) provided by the Bittorrent protocol.