Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Episode Compare

Given the changes evident in the Season 2 Trailer, the team ran a day-by-day compare on Star Trek Discovery’s first season.

For the following episodes: 101, 104, 109, 110, 115, the trend is down: from first to last episode, peak peers is down over 50%. Episode 109/110 start to show some life after these episodes are enabled in specific Asian markets (Japan, China, ASEAN or other was delayed). This coincides with the beginning of the second Michelle Yeoh plot arc. This bump did not last through the last episode.

Lingering questions:

  • Vis-a-vis The Good Fight, what are current CBS All Access goals for viewership, for buzz, for awards?
  • Which locales are over-weight, when?
  • Given the cancelling of the Expanse, Dark Matter, and Sense8 in the last 6 months: are long-run sci-fi genre shows having a problem going more than 1 season on streaming platforms?
  • Netflix is way over these numbers with both Altered Carbon and the Sense8 finale. A lot depends on Altered Carbon’s second season.
  • How did Netflix distribution outside USA markets help Star Trek Discovery (ie, in Europe?).
  • Does HBO steal away Sense8 based on the finale’s move to Pride month and shorter hour count?