Netflix results Q2 2019

Globally, Netflix is most likely the largest streaming business, with more than 151 million subscribers.

Via After Netflix’s Prices Go Up, Its U.S. Subscriptions Go Down, 2019-07-17.

Tortured prose alert: IPTV, or “internet television network”. Time will not be kind to this analysis.

FWIW: if Game of Thrones sees 30-40M peers total over a 2 month span, Game of Thrones S08 with six episodes would be 6 x 30 or 180M unique peers.

Just for GOT alone, one of the internet’s OG video distribution channels (torrent) distributes ONE SEASON of ONE PRODUCT FAMILY from ONE premium post-network era cable channel production house (HBO) and hits 130% users. Insert US Media Mystification and Tech Hype Big Data Eyeroll Here.