Globally, Netflix is most likely the largest streaming business, with more than 151 million subscribers.

Via After Netflix’s Prices Go Up, Its U.S. Subscriptions Go Down, 2019-07-17.

Tortured prose alert: IPTV, or “internet television network”. Time will not be kind to this analysis.

FWIW: if Game of Thrones sees 30-40M peers total over a 2 month span, Game of Thrones S08 with six episodes would be 6 x 30 or 180M unique peers.

Just for GOT alone, one of the internet’s OG video distribution channels (torrent) distributes ONE SEASON of ONE PRODUCT FAMILY from ONE premium post-network era cable channel production house (HBO) and hits 130% users. Insert US Media Mystification and Tech Hype Big Data Eyeroll Here.