Trending Media Questions for 2022

USA/China Will Eat Each Other

  • China consumption of USA content
    • Limited official release (Marvel) drives unofficial p2p?
    • China as global media consumers: what content, when, and produced where?
  • What China content goes over in USA? How do the Olympics fit in?
  • How do USA and CHN eat KOR and JPN?

Global consumption of S. Korean Content

Older franchise return strength, given a multi-year delay in new season or episode or installment

  • Ozark in January
  • Stranger Things Season 4 in July, October, November?
  • Will know how Matrix Resurrections did at 10 week, 26 week. Early evidence of considerable strength…
  • Atlanta Season 3

Simultaneous theatrical and streaming releases, aka day-and-date.
What is released simultaneiously, and which properties are released with a theatrical window (and how long is that window)? Which properties, which genres, which platforms, which COVID variant when? For media objects like Eternals, which had a 30 or 45 day theatrical exclusive release followed by delayed streaming date, how does that impact the streaming media bloom?Tier-two streaming players (Paramount+, AppleTV+, Star+, Hotstar, Peacock): name changes, strategy changes, new regions, chasing, baiting oligarch’s vanity.