Pirate Ratings 2021

As described by Kavita Philip in Your Computer is On Fire, the Alpha60 project measures tv/film/video popularity on peer-to-peer networks, and uses that information to create a public and reception-focused index of popularity over time. This peer-reception index is independent of the limited, sanitized, and often-suspect information released by the streaming platforms themselves.

For more results from previous, please see Year 2020 In Review, Year 2019 In Review, etc.

The following is a list of select media objects and the number of unique peers (bittorrent protocol) associated with that media object (in millions), measured in week increments. There is no geographic segmentation in this presentation: this data covers the entire internet.

All the Days in 2021

Please note that by “select” above, this list does not include all media objects released in the year 2021. Therefore, is not a comprehensive ranking of all media objects released in all global markets in 2021. It’s just sixty specific media objects. (It is not even inclusive of all Alpha60 sample activity over the past year.) It excludes several media objects (Squid Games, Venom, Black Widow, F9, Cruella, Mortal Kombat) that were distributed widely and enjoyed throughout the globe, known to be huge at the box office and with social media, yet unsampled by Alpha-60 and thus data-free.

01Godzilla vs. Kong4.7527.2533.7341.63
02The Tomorrow War3.521.4825.3829.74
03Suicide Squad 20214.5621.2024.0928.52
04Raya and the Last Dragon3.118.152329.2
05Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings5.5718.0821.52
06Matrix Resurrections5.518.05
07Dune: Part One417.4021.15
08Loki 1062.9816.7818.69
09No Time to Die4.8516.6419.78
10Loki 1012.5315.69
11Wonder Woman 19845.714.9216.87
12Mandalorian 2083.2514.217.0821.97
13The Falcoln and the Winter Soldier 1011.311.51
14The Falcoln and the Winter Soldier 1061.9610.9313.46
15WandaVision 1012.210.41
16Money Heist 5 Volume 12.179.9112.44
17WandaVision 1091.49.7615.3421.54
18Witcher 022.378.78
19Lupin 20.88.611.29
20 Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba The Movie Mugen Train20.54 (45)
21One Piece 95x11.72
22Shadow & Bone18.5610.5
23Army of the Dead1.788.5511.73
24Don’t Look Up1.88.26
25Coming 2 America1.53.3 (3)
26What If 101?
27Mitchells vs. The Machines0.956.96
28Intergalactic 010.875.9
29Love, Death, Robots 020.525.62
30Underground Railroad0.755.6
32Cinderella 20211.045.13
33Outside The Wire1.55.18
34Money Heist 5 Volume 20.984.9
35Foundation 1011.134.64
36No Sudden Move0.634.52
37Outer Banks 020.324.26
38Trese 010.414.16
39Snowpiercer 2090.34.04
40Y The Last Man 1011.174.17
41Halston 010.324.03
42Archer 12010.673.57
43Ted Lasso 2010.493.49
44The Beatles: Get Back0.623.45
45Prisoners of the Ghostland1.073.39
46Debris 1130.393.2
47Queen of the South 5100.363.24
48Invasion 1010.83.1
49Cowboy Bebop 20210.583.09
50Reservation Dogs 1010.322.64
51Yellowjackets 1100.3150.8 (4)
52Kung Fu 1130.292.49
53For All Mandkind 2100.222.35
54The Harder They Fall0.662.13
55Only Murders In the Building 1100.22.17
56Star Wars Visions 010.382.1
57Expanse 6010.4172
58Mother / Android0.391.7
59Succession 3010.191.35
60Detective Chinatown
2021 Top 60ish

Notes on 2021

  • The rise of Asian content.

    Japanese production companies sampled included: Demon Slayer, One Piece, Prisoners of the Ghostland, etc. Co-productions and influenced included Cowboy Bebop 2021, Godzilla vs. Kong, Yasuke, Blade Runner Black Lotus, Star Wars Visions, etc. Chinese diaspora and Americas in Detective Chinatown 3, Raya, Shang Chi, Kung Fu, etc. India in Never Have I Ever, etc. Although China took the global box office in 2020 (and likely 2021) and is the leading consumer of media, Japan and South Korea were the high-impact global cultural exporters this year. Without a doubt, South Korea’s Squid Games would have been one of the higher-sampling media objects, but this media object traveled under the radar and snuck by the sample scheduler. Many of the media objects created by this region defy serial length and duration traditions and packaging of USA-centered media texts: Demon Slayer was released in theaters in Japan in December 2020 and took months to arrive in a digital form.

  • What is a season?

    More arbitrary season continuations, breaks, and numbering. Lupin and Money Heist took a page out of the Walking Dead handbook (followed by Ozark so far in 2022), and started to break up what were once continuous seasons of one to twelve episode into two or more chunks of six or more episodes, with a gap at least months apart. On the other hand, One Piece has no concept of seasons and just monotonic releases week after week, etc. Experimentation with what duration to use when serializing media is trending…